2003 March
Established a company; HIMURO, Toshio as President and representative director
2003 October
Started as the first trading company specialized in tuna within Hong Kong
2006 November
Established overseas subsidiary in Macau, Tei Enterprises (Macau) Ltd. (Zenshokuhin (Macao) Co., Ltd.)
2007 March
Main office relocation to Kwai Hing, to prepare for purchase with extreme low temperature shipping container
2007 June
Started Hong Kong’s first tuna import using the extreme low temperature container
2011 October
Started twice-a-week air transport of fresh food supply from Tsukiji (present: Toyosu) market in Tokyo
2012 June
Established Tei Enterprises Japan Ltd. (Zen Foods Japan Co., Ltd.) in Shintomicho, Tokyo
2013 October
Inaugurated of HIMURO, Toshio as chairman and executive director; and AOTA, Daisuke as managing director
2013 November
Main office relocation to Tseun Wan, Hong Kong, for freezer storage facility reinforcement
2014 August
Started the daily air transport of fresh food from Tsukiji (present: Toyosu), Tokyo
2014 November
Relocated Tokyo branch office, Tei Enterprises Japan Ltd. (Zen Foods Japan Co., Ltd.) to Kachidoki, Tokyo
2015 July
Started e-commerce business in Hong Kong
2015 November
Established the exclusive Japanese wine import business, J-VINIFITY CO., LTD. in Hong Kong
2016 January
Established Tei Enterprises (SGP) Pte., Ltd. (Zen Foods (SGP) Pte., Ltd.) in Singapore
2016 February
Established Tei Enterprises (Canada) Ltd. (Zen Foods Enterprises (Canada) Ltd.) in Canada
2016 November
Started HINOSEN 48 (formerly known as CLUB TEI) Online Store, catering Japanese food products
2017 June
Set up Meat Processing Department
2017 October
Relocated Tokyo branch office, Tei Enterprises Japan Ltd. (Zen Foods Japan Co., Ltd.) to Tsukiji, Tokyo
2018 November
Changed the company name to Zen Foods Co., Ltd.
2019 March
Zen Foods Japan Co., Ltd. achieved a director-general award of Food Industry Affairs Bureau in blue-chip export
company for 2018 by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF)
2019 March
Established a branch office in Shen Zhen, China