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Excellent food from Japan at the Best condition
Best Quality Tuna from the World

We started as a frozen tuna supplier handling in blue fin tuna, southern blue fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna and other types of tunas. Not only do we provide complete temperature control frozen tuna, we also provide to the various needs of the customers, such as small quantity sales for customers lacking storage space due to expensive rent in Hong Kong. For fresh tuna, our buyer directly buys from the tuna wholesaler at the Toyosu market in Japan.

Complete Cold Chain

Frozen supplies are imported by sea in extremely low temperature shipment containers to keep the tunas at their best condition. These containers are directly delivered to the warehouse and supplies are unloaded to exclusive Tuna stocker by using specialized function to ensure the least temperature change. This helps the supplies from degradation and the best quality products can be delivered to our customers.

Express service of Fresh food Transported by Air

We deal with Japan markets’ fresh food products through Toyosu market and Osaka market, 5 days a week excluding Japan market holidays, by ordering the night before delivery for the freshest supplies. We answer to our customer’s desired size and amount, even for one fish.

Reliable Business Experience

We handle 70% of frozen tuna business in Hong Kong. We cater to a wide range of customers such as top grade sushi restaurants and major chain stores.

Professional Judge of Freshness

We possess a purchasing function branch in Japan to ensure the best quality food to our customer’s daily needs. We positioned professional buyers knowledgeable in frozen food and fresh fish in Japan markets. For our customer’s satisfaction, we also answer to individual requests.

Detailed Customer Service

We continually search for ways to answer to our customer’s needs of “easy to purchase”, and “easy to use”. For instance, we were the first in Hong Kong to provide “saku-cut” (small blocks easy to prepare) tuna products. Our salesman in charge of each delivery will select the best product to satisfy the detailed needs and preferences of our customers.

Business Achievements

Wide range of genre and price, Extensive clientele
18 years experience in Hong Kong

Complete temperature control of frozen tuna. Fresh seafood and fresh vegetables directly from Toyosu market. Zen Foods Co., Ltd., is a provision wholesaler centered on marine products with 18 years of experience in Hong Kong.

  • Fresh Food

    Fresh tuna, fresh fish by air, salmon by air

  • Frozen Food

    Frozen tuna, frozen sashimi

  • Air transport Vegetables

    Common vegetables, seasonal vegetable

  • Meat products

    Beef, pork, chicken, etc.

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